Character Glossary

AdiraFemaleBlond, blue eyesAlchemistAbility to analyze the compoisition of any chemical at the molecular level.HumanEarth Milky Way
AnnaliseFemaleblack hair, aquamarine eyes, slender, tallDoctorHealingStrixStrixtonPaliste
AnollaFemaletiny pixie Trial participantFairy dust is a truth serumPixieNongalowaGalaway
BastianMaleGrey hair, beak like nose and bushy eyebrows. Hair is slicked back and looks oily. Prominent cheekbones.CouncilmanLavaElementalsMarniSpyre
BeatressFemaleBlond, tall with pointed ears. Silver eyes spaced slightly further apartTrial participantAffinity with NatureElfGarroneStarwell
CannosMaleWhite hair, purple eyes, 6 ft swimmers build, paleTrial participantstealth and shadowsIncubusHellstelHelius
CasticeMaleBlond with red and gold highlights, 6ft 2 in, regal nose, strong jaw and green eyes.Trial participantSeerGryphonsCinderDeston
CenaraFemaleblack hair, aqua eyes, pert nose and barely visible lipsAssistantControls soundStrixStrixtonPaliste
ClaryFemaleTiny with light blue hair and eyes. See through rainbow wings.CouncilwomanPixie dust controls mindsPixieNongalowaGalaway
CynosisFemaleRedhead with fiery orange highlights. Eyes are a blend of orange and yellow. Trial participantHer voice makes people do her biddingSirenAcelexLexfir
FansaFemalelooks like a bird woman except normal hands, feet and face. Feathers for hair. Red and gold. Black eyes with no whiteCouncilwomanSeer, reborn as a babe at death with all of her knowledgePhoenixCinderDeston
JadeFemaleshort, brunette with green eyes, olive skin. CurvyTrial participant/ Kalen’s mateBorrowerHumanEarthMilky Way
KalenMaleBlack long hair, aquamarine eyes, tan, 6.5 ft, adonis, muscularKingGravityStrixStrixtonPaliste
MaleWhite hair, black eyes with a gold iris. Long and leanTrial participantShadow walker with the ability to push people back across the line of death. A form of ReincarnationNecromancersNoathLenix
KaspenMale<!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}–>
Light brown wavy hair with golden highlights, golden eyes, golden skin tone that sparkles in the light, 7 foot muscular. His dragon is Gold and over 20 feet in length with. Very smooth snake like skin but hard as a diamond. His tale is spiked and his talons are over a foot long and sharp
Trial participantBlue lightningDragon ShifterGalstStavo
blond, petite, nerdy with glasses and usually wears her hair in a messy bun. Never wears makeup. Ocean colored eyes
Trial participantSuppressor – suprress all sensesTeran – human likeTerraMirr
KisoMaleSlightly shorter than his brother Rom. black hair and aqua eyes. Scar above his left eyeGuard
Ability to lock down an area. Preventing it from ever being penetrated. Locks out other worlds and portals. No one can flash into the area. His gift extends out in a sphere covering roughly 4189 cubic feet.
LeviMale10 foot tall, brown layered long hair. Blue eyesMercenaryShifter with true sightLeviathan Shifter – last of his kindMoridSphix
Silver hair, tall pointed ears, etheral beauty. violet eyes, proper and reserved
CouncilwomanControls time, can create portals to anywhere and anytimeElfGarroneStarwell
Short like 5ft 10 but stocky in his god given form but he usually adds a few inches. black hair with sliver temples. violet eyes. handsome
CouncilmanTurns to stone if exposed to the sun, impenetrable skin and can mimic any creature. Different from a doppelganger because they don’t know the person’s memoriesGargoyleVoluxLuxsto
ParthynMaleHumanoid form with white hair and blue eyes, with snappy comebacks. Strait jaw and cleft chin. Turns into electricity when using his powerCouncilmanControls electricity, can travel at the speed of lightElectosNotisNyre
Tree person with soft dark green fern for hair and shining green eyes that glow in the dark. Over eight feet tall, with gnarlie thorns on her shoulders and spine.
Lt. General
controls wood and can animate them; her skin is impervious to cuts but can be burned. She carries an amulet for fire immunity. Her sap is like a truth serum.
OnyxFemaleTall black hair, pointy noseTrial Participant
Power over Chalcedony.
RomMaleSlightly taller than his brother Kiso, black hair and aqua eyesGuard
Ability to sense things approaching ten seconds before arrival. Regardless of how things are traveling. Can’t be snuck up on
SeleneFemaleblack hair, aqua eyes, short and dainty for a StrixHandmaidenArtistStrixStrixtonPaliste
black beauty of a lady with glowing fluorescent green eyes and hair
Trial ParticipantPantherShifterIcantonIcemaul
black hair aquamarine eyes, tall built
GuardMind readerStrixStrixtonPaliste
ZandreaFemaleBlack hair, fair skin, aqua eyesKalen’s motherBorrowerStrix StrixtonPaliste
ZarinaFemaleblond being of light with blue eyes. When she is drained her hair turns brown as well as her eyes.SergeantBeing of light. She has a symbiotic relationship with mind leeches. She uses them to extract memories and then she displays the images like a projectorSulnitianSulnixOne
The black-haired male appeared completely normal except for three major differences: his ears, tail, and manhood
Trial ParticipantTeleportationSatyrTrintonThex