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Book One – Borrower Queen – The Sixer Series

Everything happened so quickly???

???and then she was on the spaceship.

Why was she there and do they have coffee?

On Earth, Jade spent most of her time as a programmer in a small start-up. She loved going deep into the code. The logic of computer languages suited her. Oddly, waking up on the ship made her more curious than scared.

Would she need to use her powers?

Her entire life she???d hid both her ability and her knowledge of how things really were. Magic was real and if she was near someone who had it, she could mimic their power. It made her feel safe, but that might have been a mistake.

Then she saw Kalen.

From that moment, her life would never be the same. He was special. She knew he could control gravity, but beyond that, there was another type of pull. Was he really her fated mate?

Jade would learn of a danger she never thought possible.

And someone might be using her.

You???ll love Book One in this paranormal fantasy romance. It???s a witty, steamy adventure that has miles to go before Jade???s done.


Book Two – Siren’s CallThe Sixer Series

All she ever wanted was to take her place as a general in the Sixer Army???

Then Tanen happened.

Why would fate interfere like that?

Cynosis spent her whole life training for the Sixer Trials. As a siren, she never considered herself mate material. The man-eater reputation tended to keep all would-be suitors away. So when Tanen claims her as his mate and expects her not to participate in the trials, she rejects him and goes anyway.

What if she made the wrong decision?

Her entire life, she???d fought to escape her home planet. She wanted a fresh start, a place where no one feared her power of mass mind control. The idea of being accepted and admired for her gift was the only thing that kept her going. Giving it all up for a man might be asking too much.

Then she met Jade.

The borrower queen had a special assignment, one that would change Cynosis??? life. She will face a dilemma that could destroy her chance at love forever.

And the fate of the Sixer Army is at stake.

Check out Book Two in this paranormal fantasy series. It???s an entertaining romance filled with magic, fun adventures, and twists you never saw coming.

Book Three – Leviathan LostThe Sixer Series – Coming Spring 2022